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February 28th 2024


Custom fields for projects let you enhance project properties with custom values like PO numbers, IDs or any other important data.


  • automatically transfer data between the tools in your ecosyset

  • search projects by custom field values

  • maintain custom field values either manually or via the CoffeeCup API

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January 18th 2024


Our new system makes it easy for team members and project managers to submit and approve daily work hours at time entry level.


  • fully automated submission & approval workflow for all team mebers

  • fast and easy (bulk) approval on project or team level

  • email team members upon rejected time entries automaticaly

  • project days can be locked daily to align with individual billing cycles more effectively

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January 9th 2024


We are thrilled to announce the integration of leading HRIS tools into CoffeeCup.

The following data can be synced between CoffeeCup and HRIS:

  • team absences (vacation, sick days, public holidays, etc.)

Coming 2024:

  • sync of individual working times (full-time, part-time, etc.)

  • sync of work time tracking from CoffeeCup to your HRIS

Here is a list of all HRIS CoffeeCup supports.

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December 13th 2023



Sub projects provide huge benefits for projects controlling and the planning of team capacities, since larger projects can be broken down into smaller parts and budgets.


  • break down your projects into sub projects with individual budgets

  • control larger project budgets easier

  • assign resources to specific parts of a project only

  • gain a better overview of project phases

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