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Improve Time Entry Rejection and Resubmission Flow

When a time entry has been rejected, the expectation is that the user should make the adjustments requested by the reviewer.We have a workflow to make the adjustments (and add a comment if desired) via the "Resolve Issues" link:However, if a user clicks on the time entry in the UI instead, they are presented with the normal "Edit Time Entry" modal and do not have immediate access to the comment via the reviewer, and re-submitting the entry takes an extra step.One solution to this inconsistent UI experience is to open the Rejection modal when a rejected time entry is clicked, rather than the Edit modal. The Rejection modal should also be revised to have additional action buttons, so that the entry can be Updated or Updated and Resubmitted depending on the intention of the user. There is also not a way to add a comment to the entry without re-submitting the time entry.

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20 days ago

In Progress

Revise time entry submission

Situation: Once a day is submitted, users can no longer make adjustments to their day, unless a PM rejects individual time entries. Users cannot currently add new time entries from different projects, or edit time entries that have not yet been rejected. This leads to user friction.We are evaluating ideas to improve the flexibility of employees while maintaining the idea that submitting a day should be β€œfinal” to ensure high quality of time tracking.Some of our ideas include:Complete unlocking of the day the user (with submission score penalty)Unlocking of the day by a PM or HR supervisorAbility to add additional time entries without needing to unsubmit the current day (potentially with scoring penalty)

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27 days ago


Time entries are missing from Export if user has team-level permissions

SituationIf a user has only the team-level β€œView Time Entries” permission, but is not the PM of the associated projects, then the Time Entry Export from Time Entry Analytics will not include Time Entries from other users. This is misleading, as the entries appear in TE Analytics, but not the ExportExpected behaviorIf a user has the team-level permission β€œView Time Entries”, then the Time Entry export should allow for the inclusion of these TEs in the export. The contents of the TE Analytics screen should correlate 1:1 to the contents of the export.WorkaroundTo export the TEs, the the user could be assigned as the PM of the projects that should be exported, however this grants additional rights that might be undesirable

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About 1 month ago